Rubber Keypads

Technomark Rubber Keypads Add a Tactile Experience

Used in an enormous amount of both consumer and industrial products, rubber keypads offer a well established alternative to membrane switches. Rubber keypads are used in everything from TV remotes, cell phones, PDAs, and much more. Through Technomark you can even apply EL Backlighting and Screen Printing to enhance the aesthetic feel and ease of use on your user interface. In addition to those options, Technomark also offers Over Coating to help prolong the life of your rubber keypads when high usage or severe conditions are expected.

Contact us early and we’ll help you select the ideal textures, materials, and color options, and perhaps find ways to reduce project costs and speed manufacturing.

Need a ​prototype for a new design? Our design team can get you started with digital or production samples. We’ll work with you to test samples for the best interface results.

Ask us about

  • Material sourcing
  • Circuit board layout
  • Graphic design consultation and art production
  • ADA industry requirements
  • User interface best practices
Thermostat control with rubber keypad button

Samples available by request

Rubber keypad and membrane switch

Rubber keypad and membrane switch

Application Across Many Product Types

Two woman quality checking components

Rubber Keypads are used everyday in TV remote controls and cell phones. They are also very popular in other applications because of their full travel sensation and three dimensional features.

Conductive rubber keypads have been around for 30 years, and they are still very relevant today. They can be made to look and feel like traditional mechanical switches while eliminating some of their inherent disadvantages. Like membrane switches, rubber keypads can be made to resist moisture and other harsh environmental conditions while providing a very user friendly interface.

EL BACKLIGHTING can be integrated into rubber keypads by utilizing translucent rubber as the base.

SCREEN PRINTING enhances rubber keypads by printing the graphics on the face of the part. Colors can be matched to PMS colors or custom matched to color chips.

Complete Design Service from Layout through Prototypes

TV remote cutaway showing rubber keypad membrane and buttons attached to a circuit board

Think you don’t use rubber keypads? Think again. Rubber keypads are used in a multitude of everyday devices from remotes to keyboards. Rubber keypads are a reliable and sensible option for any of your button, key, or switch applications. Technomark is your first and last stop for any of your rubber keypad needs.

Remote Controls

Handheld Games

LED & Electroluminescent Backlight Devices

  • Dynamic Flexing
  • Thinnest available interconnection technology
  • Elimination of mechanical connectors
  • Elimination of wiring errors
  • Increased impedance control

What to Think About When Creating a Rubber Keypad Project

  • Overall keypad size
  • Base thickness
  • Key top outside dimensions
  • Contact size
  • Mounting hole details
  • Mounting boss details
  • Dimensions (keypad and buttons)
  • Keypad/switch colors
  • Stroke/travel
  • Actuation force
  • Snap Ratio
  • Electrical specs
  • Material specs
  • Graphic color(s)
  • Printing artwork

Frequently Asked Questions

What affects the life of a rubber keypad?

Membrane style and durometer of the material have the most effect on a switch life. The various coating choices can increase the life of a rubber keypad up to 20 times.

What kind of rubber is a keypad made of?

Rubber keypads are made of silicone rubber that comes in different durometer’s including, 40,50,60,70 the higher the number the harder the rubber.

Can rubber keypads be backlit?

Yes – Laser Cutting the key tops and legends does allow backlighting to show through printed graphics.

What colors do keypads come in?

Many different colors, we can also color match to your existing material sample.

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