Digital and Screened Label Printing

High & Low Volume Production Label Printing 

Graphics and interfaces are​ our specialties. Our team of design and engineer experts work with you to create the optimal interface​ component for your products.

Contacting us early and we’ll help you select the ideal textures, materials, and color options, and perhaps find ways to reduce project costs and speed manufacturing sample written by professional free essay.

Need a ​prototype for a new design? Our design team can get you started with digital or production samples. We’ll work with you to test samples for the best interface results.

Ask us about

  • Material sourcing
  • Circuit board layout
  • Graphic design consultation and art production
  • ADA industry requirements
  • User interface best practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of tactile feedback dome works best in a higher heat environment?

Stainless Steel domes will out perform a polyester tactile dome in this situation.

Can you surface mount LEDS on my Membrane Switch?

Yes. We do it all the time!

Different types of termination we offer.

AMP, Berg, Nicomatic. Different centers and of course open contacts for ZIF application.

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Our team can get you started on your next project.

The Technomark design and engineering team will work with you to fully understanding your needs, from collaboration, design verification, sourcing the best materials, prototyping, and manufacturing to your exacting standards.

Before delivery, parts are visually inspected and electrically tested for functionality.

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