Digital Printing

The Latest in Digital Printing & Graphic Overlay Design

Our team of designers and engineers are passionate about creating beautiful, long-lasting small and wide-format graphics that meet the needs and brand of our customers. 

Technomark has specialized in utilizing the latest technology in digital printing to reinvent the Graphic Overlay. With gradient color patterns, photo-quality images and modern designs, yesterday’s 3-color overlay is not the norm or limit.  

Our high-quality digital printing department also specializes in wide-format graphic and mural printing.  We design and print Wall-murals, Wall-coverings, Backlit Graphics (with or without the backlighting solution) and so much more. 

Ask about

  • Our Color Matching System and our in-house Spectrophotometer
  • Custom-designing specifically for Digital Print
  • Custom Wall-Murals
  • Custom Backlit Graphics with or without the Backlighting Solution
  • Digital Printing on unique substrates
Full color printed backlit membrane switches

Full color printed membrane switches

Digitally printed overlay with braille embossing

Digitally printed overlay with braille embossing

Front and back dome button switch components

Dome button switch components

EL switch panel with digital printed overlay

EL switch panel with digital printed overlay

Precision Graphic Overlays Done Right

Technicians operating large format overlay printer

With Technomark, you are assured of engineering perfection, inside and out. Our Graphic Overlays provide a colorful first impression and make instructions clear for your end user. Utilizing the most advanced material technologies – such as durable adhesive layers from 3M – our experts will craft a precisely engineered graphic overlay product that works in harmony with interior membrane switches.

How do we do it? We’ve mastered CAD, close-tolerance screen printing and a variety of innovative color techniques, to give you overlays that look great and last. Our Digital Color Matching System is your final guarantee of totally accurate color.

Flatbed UV printer

  • 120″ x 60″ printing bed
  • Ultrafine resolution
  • White printheads to allow printing on the rear surface of transparent materials
  • UV cure for adhesion to almost any substrate
    • Polyester
    • Polycarbonate
    • Acrylic
    • Almost any other plastic
    • Wood, paper, and cardboard
    • Even ceramic!
  • Print materials up to 4″ thick

    One Source Graphic Overlay & Label Printing

    In the past, screen printing was the only way to achieve the durability and other features needed for membrane switch overlays. Screen printing has limitations, halftones and gradients are difficult at best and every color requires a separate printing pass.

    Technomark now has the knowledge and equipment to give you all the design versatility of CMYK printing without compromising the benefits of solid color screen printing.

    Graphic Overlays

    • Full CMYKW printing, with tightly registered white backing, allowing full color printing on the rear side of transparent materials
    • Ultra clear windows for display
    • Advanced color profiling to ensure consistent color matches, run after run
    • Rim or pillow embossing – even 2-stage Braille on embossed key
    • Mixed digital and screen printing – add transparent tints in windows, textures, and more. Try digital printing over metallic backgrounds for a dazzling look

    Large, Small & Adhesive Labels

    • Complete spectrum of rigid or flexible materials: Polyester, polycarbonate, vinyl, acrylic, glass, and more
    • First surface (front side) or second surface (rear)
    • Sizes up to 123” x 61” (312 x 155 cm)
    • Knife cut or die cut, including kiss cut
    • Excellent UV ink adhesion, often eliminating the need for over-laminates in top side printing
    • Full choice of adhesives for smooth or rough surfaces, high or low energy

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    The Technomark design and engineering team will work with you to fully understanding your needs, from collaboration, design verification, sourcing the best materials, prototyping, and manufacturing to your exacting standards.

    Before delivery, parts are visually inspected and electrically tested for functionality.

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