Made in the USA Logo
Our products are proudly made in the USA. Ask about quick turn times and prototyping.
Made in the USA Logo
Our products are proudly made in the USA. Ask about quick turn times and prototyping.

Switches designed, manufactured and tested to exact specifications

As an industry leader, Technomark provides the most dependable custom manufactured membrane switches. Learn more about Membrane Switch design and manufacturing.

Digital printing allows the most creative expression for your product.

Digital faceplates and full-color graphics allow the creative freedom to showcase your brand and product. Learn about Digital Printing capabilities and how your products can stand out among the crowd.

Functionality and expression all rolled up into one capability.

EL Lighting solutions allow the ultimate in backlighting applications. From long strips to custom shapes, you get a low powered and bright lumen output. Learn about EL Lightings’ performance capabilities.

Technomark Electronic Membrane Switch & Lighting Solutions

Technomark is a leading supplier of Human Machine Interface (HMI) and standout visual solutions for companies across a wide range of industries. We combine artistic creativity with engineering rigor to provide:

  • EL technology patented color illumination interface designs
  • Custom-designed components to your OEM or consumer applications
  • End-to-solution provider from design & engineering through fulfillment
  • Prototypes for low and high-volume production
  • All your solutions with one point of contact
Technomark is devoted to supporting your product at any point in its life cycle. Our U.S. factory can design and ship fast turn prototypes or large production runs. We also offer expert global sourcing for high volume, cost-sensitive projects. We stock a wide array of different materials and are continually evaluating new ones to ensure you get the right product, no compromises.

Contact Technomark today. Our sales department is ready to listen to you, assess your needs, and recommend the ideal solution.

Technomark is certified to ISO 9001:2015, and ITAR registered.

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Learn more and view our membrane switch manufacturing video.

Specialty Market Expertise

technician examining a medical printed graphic


  • Experienced MedTech Product Line
  • Warning Labels
  • Antimicrobial Materials

+ learn more

Government Market Specialty


  • ITAR Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • Standard and Design Experts

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  • Industry Expertise
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Latest Digital Print Capabilities

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  • Industry Design Experience
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Automated Assemblies

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  • Industry Experts
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Instrument Identification

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We’re there for you every step of your product’s journey


Send us your sketchy ideas or finished drawings for expert advice from experienced engineers. We’ll help you design the product that fits your application, at the lowest cost.


Expect a timely, detailed quotation, including reduced tooling options for prototypes.

Design Verification

Approval drawings will show dimensions, materials, graphics, circuit layout, and functional specifications. We will flag any deviations from your drawing.


Get your project underway with fast prototypes from Technomark, including FAI. Digital printing and laser cutting reduce setups and tooling costs.


An ISO certified quality system, thorough shop documentation, and rigorous in-process checks ensure conformity to all requirements. We ship as designed when promised.

Customer Success Stories

Partner Collaboration

“We were pleased with the whole Technomark team and how they understood our needs, as well as the best design practices to meet the demand for a robust and user-friendly product.  In return, this alleviated worry and design work on our end.”

Quality Manufacturing

“As a large Medical Device manufacturer, we rely on consistent, and quality vendor relationships.  We partnered with Technomark over 20 years ago and they consistently design and manufacture the highest quality parts integrated into our medical devices.”

Delivery Consistency

“Delivering on-time is crucial to our success. Our customers expect a quick turn-around, and Technomark’s supply chain management is always spot on.”

Request a Quote Online

Our team can get you started on your next project.

The Technomark design and engineering team will work with you to fully understanding your needs, from collaboration, design verification, sourcing the best materials, prototyping, and manufacturing to your exacting standards.

Before delivery, parts are visually inspected and electrically tested for functionality.

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